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Russian Standard Original

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Manufacturer Russian Standard Corporation
Alcohol 40 % by volume
Rating 8.13 ( 38 votes )
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Russian Standard Original


Russian Standard Original is recognised throughout its native homeland as the ultimate benchmark for all Russian vodkas. Conforming to Professor Mendeleev's original formula, it is a superbly smooth spirit with a pure taste that maintains the characteristic “bread” flavour of traditional Russian vodka.

The unique shape of its specially textured bottle, reflecting the depth of the product's Russian personality, is inspired by the 200 tonne bell commissioned by Tsarina Anna I, which stands at the foot of the Ivan the Great Bell Tower in Moscow.

Featuring Dmitri Mendeleev's signature as a mark of its absolute authenticity and historic ancestry, Russian Standard Original's striking packaging presents a dramatic evocation of Russia's Imperial past and the culturally important place vodka holds in Russian life.

Russian Standard original is the finest expression of traditional Russian vodka.


NameVintageContainer Product URL Price Price/liter
Russian Standard Original 40% Vol. Bottle, 1000 ml Expert24 14.90 EUR 14.90 EUR
Russian Standard Original 40% Vol. Bottle, 700 ml Expert24 10.90 EUR 15.57 EUR
Russian Standard Original + GB 40% Vol. 3000 ml Expert24 56.90 EUR 18.97 EUR
Russian Standard Vodka, Russia, Bottle, 750 ml Alexander Hadleigh 19.34 EUR 25.78 EUR
Russian Standard Vodka, Russia, Magnum, Bottle, 1500 ml Alexander Hadleigh 43.06 EUR 28.71 EUR
Russian Standard Original Bottle, 700 ml Systembolaget 22.91 EUR 32.74 EUR
Russian Standard Original 40% Vol. Miniature, 50 ml Expert24 1.90 EUR 38.00 EUR
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