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Russian Standard Platinum

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Manufacturer Russian Standard Corporation
Alcohol 40 % by volume
Rating 8.29 ( 35 votes )
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Russian Standard Platinum


Russian Standard Platinum vodka stands as an excellent expression of our entrepreneurial spirit and expert skills as distillers.

Not only does Platinum meet the strict requirements of Dmitri Mendeleev's classic formulation, it takes them a step further by employing innovative technologies in the production process.

The exclusive silver filtration system, a lengthy and meticulous process calling for exceptionally high levels of precision and constant control, allows it to achieve ultra fine rectification. The result is a vodka of astonishing clarity and outstanding taste.

Platinum's packaging has all the style and panache sought by today's discerning drinkers, many of whom enjoy the modern twist brought to the fashionable cocktails of the day, and night, by authentic Russian vodka.

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