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In our effort to display reliable priceinformation about your products we need your help. So far, and for natural reasons, we have yet to find two stores showing their product information in the same way. Currently we are parsing all individual product pages to find information. This is timeconsuming and imposes unnessesary effort on your webservers, not to mention all the errors that might sneak in.

Some of you allow download of all your products in a single excel file, which drastically decreases our use of your bandwidth. However, even these lists differ, so that we have to check each list in a different way. This, as mentioned above, increases risk of errors, and that's not good for anyone. Neither us, nor you or your customers.

What we propose is a way for all to supply information in the same way, reducing effort and demand for bandwith, at the same time increasing accuracy.

Excel users, look here

What we currently search your webpages (or lists) for is the following information:

If either mandatory field is missing, your product will NOT be entered into our database.

We've put together a few examples of what we would like a web page showing all your products to look like:

name beveragetype abv volume containertype price currency date age vintage stock url bottler
Ardbeg Whisky 40 1x70cl Bottle 30.00 EUR 2007-09-22 10 Yes Cadenhead
Magners Cider 5.6 24x33cl Can 8.00 GBP 2007-09-22 No
Beaujolais Royal Red wine 13 6x75cl Bottle 60.00 USD 2007-09-22 2005 23
Carlsberg Hof Beer 5 900x33cl Bottle 800.00 EUR 2007-09-22 Yes
Whisky Bible 2008 Book 150.00 SEK 2007-09-22 2008 No

A template of the table above can be downloaded here. Just right click the link and save. The current template version is '1.1'. Older versions of the template are no longer available for download.


Of course we don't mean for you to put all this information in manually. That's what computers are for. I estimate that configuring your webserver in such a way would take your webmaster 2 hours at the most, and this is something that has to be done only once.

Please make this list available to us as a hidden (or public if you want...) link on your webpage so that our crawler can find it. And of course, don't forget to tell us where you have put it.

Whiskyfinder also supports the Google Base RSS 2.0 format, with Whiskyfinder specific custom attributes. To see a sample RSS file, click here.

Regards, The Whiskyfinder Team

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