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OwnerWhyte and Mackay
LocationIsle of Jura

Home to illicit distilling since 1502, the first official distillery was founded on the Isle of Jura in 1810, with the first licence to distil granted in 1831, although little remains of the original buildings. Since those early days the Jura distillery has quietly and unassumingly produced its delicious single malt whisky. The noted distillery designer W Delmé Evans conceived the current distillery design in 1958; this reconstruction was finished in 1963 when distilling began again. Now under the ownership of Whyte and Mackay and their gregarious Master Blender Richard Paterson who has put his vast experience into releasing some fantastic editions from Jura. This is a whisky that seems to have a very bright future as its profile increases and it gains a wider appreciation around the world.


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